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About Us

Over my 23 year career, I have acquired comprehensive experience in the security management and life safety fields including security management in a hospital and automotive industrial setting, executive protection, dispatch, security-police environments, emergency preparedness and response plan development, policy and procedure development, professional security assessments, business continuity, training/instructor, and field investigations and surveillance which has resulted in a well seasoned security professional. In June 2010 I became a certified NRA firearm instructor and have designed a firearm certification program that will provide students a wide acumen spectrum of realistic close hand-to-hand combat exercises that develop and enhance your personal firearm training experience. Classes are held at the New Beginning Farm in Richmond Township. Personal firearm instruction sessions will provide one-on-one training that will improve your shooting accuracy, awareness, and combat focus. Somewhere right now, your enemy is training so that when he meets you, he defeats you! Stay Hard

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