Training Courses

100 Pistol Orentation
Cost: $45
Length: 3 hours

To provide beginning shooters with an introduction to the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to own and use a specific pistol model safely. Including parts, operation, cleaning, and storage

200 Basic Pistol Shooting Course
Cost: $55
Length: 8 hours

To teach the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely. Including Fundamentals of shooting, sight alignment, ammunition knowledge

201 Personal CPL / Protection in the home

Cost: $100
Length: 8 hours

Course participants receive a certificate upon completion for local county CPL application process. To develop in the students the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a firearm for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding citizen's right to self-defense.

202 Personal CPL Recertification / Protection in the home
Cost: $60
Length: 4 Hours

This course will provide re-certification of a current CPL Licensee and is a review of all legal content and changes in MI firearm law since the initial CPL course certification.  This class must be completed prior to the expiration of your current CPL to qualify as a recertification.  Allow 8 weeks prior to your CPL expiration to complete this class and the county clerk processing to not have a break in your eligibility to be able to carry a firearm concealed.  The recertification CPL is good for 5 years thereafter, expiring on your birthday. Contact the instructor to self-schedule this course.

Personal Firearm Instruction
Instructor to travel to your range of choice, within 50 miles of business base, for one-on-one instruction designed to improve specific shooting techniques and skills.  The participant is responsible for the hourly range fee and ammunition.  The length of instruction is individually based at a rate of $18.00 an hour which is due the date of instruction.

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Please click Register Now for the class you would like to attend. If you are having any problems registering please contact the instructor at (313) 575-0199 or via email at

*Important*All class participants are responsible to bring the following supplies for the class:
Personal firearm, 60 rounds of ammunition (reloads are acceptable), paper, pen, and eye/ear protection (optional - range has some available) , extra magazine (semi-automatic), knee pads(kneeling shooting), no magnum loads, no old ammunition.


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